jessica stockholder – my father’s backyard, 1983

Thinking about our new and exciting backyard in the post below, I remembered this early work by Jessica Stockholder, whose art work I really like.

Jessica Stockholder; My Father’s Backyard; mattress, chicken wire, cupboard door, paint on grass; 1983.

I really like this particular installation because of how practical it is and at the same time so personal. When you’re young and have no money, it’s nice to be able to go to your parent’s home and make some art using the familiar structures and architecture found there. I think this work is really clever and fun and also I really like that feeling of making the absolute best of what you have, and how it can be a really spontaneous and productive way of working because it always turns out that it would never be better with more money/resources anyway.

It’s fun seeing the early work of really established artists. Her formalist orientation (her use of colour especially omg) and pictorial viewpoint are really interesting to me and it’s cool to see how constant these concerns have been for her.

I found these images here, and you can see more photos of this work there too. And also read in Ms. Stockholder’s own words what concerns her here. She is a really clever lady with really clever and enjoyable work.


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