footsteps, balloons, boxes, maps, screens, friends

Very late to the party as usual, but here is a link anyway, because I spent last night reading all the parts of the story and having a coronary at any sudden little noise inside the house and out:

horrorI love the haunted house genre, and even though this series doesn’t fall into that as neatly as some other stories, I still thought the way he managed to get across the feeling of a home being invaded by something unseen and horrific was so cool. My favourite part is definitely Boxes, because I haven’t read anything that has creeped me out more in such a long time. There’s like a true feeling of dread in that one, which is quite hard to experience genuinely when you read lots of horror.

I love how unknown he kept the antagonist! And I loved the friendship between the two boys, even though some of the dialogue would never have been spoken by a 6 year old child. If it was a kids movie (obviously without such a terrifying plot), it would have fit right into the long list of movies and TV shows that showcase American suburbia and American middle-class summertime adventures, much longed for by yours truly as a child, as talked about here.

There are quite a few ~internet horror stories that I love, and there is a post brewing about one of them, which is a really cool epistolary story, and if anyone is reading this, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about, but this series deserved a post of it’s own.


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