an ode to the t(w)eenage girl’s room

I’ve been a huge fan of Tavi’s blog, Style Rookie, for ages, ever since she was a wee little sprite. And rookie mag which was launched last year I believe is, maybe embarrassingly for someone in their mid-20s?? a fun place check into on the internet. I came across this article earlier about Tavi’s latest project, which is an art installation – she will be turning Space 15 Twenty Gallery in Los Angeles into a teenage girl’s room.

I’ve been thinking about a couple of posts on her blog, which I read a long time ago, about teenage girl’s bedrooms, and the idea of fandom and shrines etc. Since talking about the Virgin Suicides house in an earlier post, and since finding a couple of photos of my old tween/teen room while searching through the family photos, I really wanted to talk about teenage (girls’) rooms in modern times and what amazing places they are. Again, things for me always seem to come back to a movie or a TV show I’ve watched, so this post will simply be a list of what I thought were really enviable teenage bedrooms from movies and TV. Which is appropriate, given the walls covered in posters and fandomy teenage passion that are about to follow.



This is my old room. Please enjoy my overalls (??) and my friend’s, admittedly glorious, Titanic t-shirt. I’d still wear that today, let us be completely frank. I was about 12ish at this time. It was the very late 90’s and my obsession and undying love for Hanson was in full swing. Also included on the walls, and on stickers, and on my dresser and nearly etched on my very veins, are the Backstreet Boys (AJ was my fave) and a wonderful music group called 5ive, with such hits as Slam Dunk Da Funk and When The Lights Go Out. They were my first real concert. The second photo shows a part of my extensive collection of stuffed animals, some of which are still ~alive~ today and will stay alive forever tbh.

I look at the items in this room and feel such a strong bout of nostalgia. My dolphin necklace, the blow-up photo frame on the dresser, my first music player, my burgeoning collection ripped movie tickets from the cinema… I do not actually miss being a tween/teen, but what I do miss is the complete lack of any real responsibility, other than deciding on the horizontal or vertical format poster of Zac to go jusssst there.

Clarissa’s room from Clarissa Explains It All is the first room I remember feeling really excited over. I wasn’t even in the double digits at this point, but her room was so exotic and admirable to me. That idea of having a place that’s entirely your own was really attractive to me. Her friend enters her room secretly through the window for goodness sake! You can’t do that for someone who lives on the 6th floor of a building.

Full House was on TV at around the same time as Clarissa, and was another show I watched religiously. DJ and Stephanie’s shared bedroom was beautiful! This is actually really good set design.


Obviously not the room of a teenage girl, but Randy and Brad’s shared room on Home Improvement was really great. Look at those steps!!


The room which all the others aspire to be. Even the room of a fairy tale princess could never compare, because it would not have Cher’s amazing computerised wardrobe organiser. A perfectly selected outfit at the click of a button. It’s weird that this still doesn’t exist in such a wondrous form. It’s 2012 for god’s sake get it together Polyvore.



Enid’s room in Ghost World is on of the few movie/TV bedrooms that I could actually relate to in some capacity. It was full of junk and not huge, but still represented that search for independence that a teenager’s room really is. It was her own little world amidst the unsatisfactory world outside it.


I actually don’t remember much about the set design of Ten Things I Hate About You, even though it’s one of my favourite movies, but I just came across this screenshot of Kat’s room today and needed to include it. I love the all-over collage wall. It’s probably one of the better examples of this phenomena.


So cozy and wonderful. :’3 The design of the Harry Potter movies is beautiful, but Ron’s cramped room in the book (tiny, covered in posters of the Chudley Cannons etc) definitely felt more familiar to me than this lovely room from the movies.



At first, I was going to include Spencer’s room because she’s my favourite PLL character, but Aria’s room is definitely the coolest. I love that whole pleasantly gloomy, crowded-with-books look. It represents the character really well – it’s ~artsy~ yet familiar.



This is obviously not the bedroom of a teenager, because Nina in Black Swan is meant to be 26 I believe, but the whole design of this room is so brilliant. It’s grotesquely princess-y and inappropriate for someone in their mid-20’s. But, obviously, this is a clever way to show the psychological state of the character and to show us how her mother intrudes on her privacy. I think Nina’s “real” room is her dressing room at the ballet company, where she lines up the ritualistic objects she steals from Beth – the lipstick, the earrings and so on. This is her true private space.

Except the top 2, which are personal, all the images were found through google image search. If any of them are yours and you want them down, please let me know!


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