Happy Halloween! In honour of this occasion, here are some vintage photos of ~ghosts and hauntings.

The Lord Combermere Photo, 1891 – The figure visible in the chair on the left is reputed to be the ghost of old Lord Combermere of Combermere Abbey. You can read more about him and this photo here.

Henri Robin and a Specter, 1863 – Henri Robin was a 19th century French Illusionist who sought to disprove the Spiritualist beliefs popular at the time. He admitted to using two-way mirrors to make “spirits” appear, and the photograph above is a staged promotional image for one of his shows.

This photo is one of the many “spirit photographs” taken by a controversial early 20th century medium and Spiritualist called William Hope. Although he was outed as a fraud and his photographs proved to be hoaxes by a man called Harry Price, Hope continued to practice and publish his spirit photography even after being exposed. One of his most famous supporters was Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

The Wem Fire Apparition, 1995 – This photo of a ghostly girl looking on from a raging fire was taken at Wem Town Hall (Shropshire, England) in 1995, by photographer Tony O’Rahilly. No one remembers seeing her there. It is believed that she is the spirit of a young girl who died in a similar fire at the town hall in 1677. However, I have just now seen a Daily Mail article that claims this photo is a clear hoax.


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