I live in Auckland, New Zealand and am an artist. This blog is about houses, homes, the way people live and arrange their lives and also the objects that are important to us. I am trying to be more hard-working, hence this place.

A Domovoi is basically a household spirit in ancient Slavic folklore. Although he is not necessarily harmful or malevolent, he is a trickster and can cause poltergeist-like activity. He also watches over the inhabitants of the house and their wealth. He likes hard-working people the most and never leaves the house.

The word ‘dom’ means ‘home’, in my native language, as well as in many other Slavic languages.

The header of this blog is from a series of photos I took of houses from a moving vehicle.

The caption above the header is from one of my favourite books in the world: The Haunting of Hill House, by Shirley Jackson.


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